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Be the storyteller of your life

Portfolios with list of educations and experiences are no longer enough. Explain your motivations, decisions, lessons and results in details with MyPortfolio.
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Personal Educations

Write stories about your choices on the path you decided to take, the motivations behind those choices and the outcome.

Professional Experiences

Every professional experience enriches your as a person. Be a more interesting candidate for future positions, write about the most important aspects of your previous experiences.

Relevant Projects

Write about your projects. This is a place where you can spare no details. Connect more stories to the same project: decisions, difficulties, lessons and results. All connected to let your readers focus on what they care the most.

I’m not sure if it’s what I’m looking for

Some examples of who is MyPorfolio built for.


Discuss your courses projects sharing learnings and insights. Use stories and insights to walk your audience through your thought process.


MyPortfolio caters to architects, engineers, designers, and professionals, offering a detailed platform to share work intricacies, challenges, and successes.


Simplify expressing the company vision and launching products, in a dynamic space to inform the audience about the company's journey and upcoming developments.
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Some features that makes MyPortfolio a unique solution

Dynamic Storytelling

Create a dynamic diary enhancing narratives with multimedia elements—embed videos, images, and audio files for a truly immersive storytelling experience.

AI Integration

Speed up the writing process of your stories and improve them with an easy-to-use integration with the powerful AI Chat-GPT.


Allow multiple people of your team to work on the same profile, create joint projects with others and share successes.

Analytics, Feedback & User Interactions

Gain insights with Analytics and foster engagement through Feedback and User Interactions.

Cooming Soon

Some features we are currently working on.
MyPortfolio Story Example

Personalize your portfolio effortlessly with a variety of customizable templates. Tailor the look and feel of your profile to match your professional style.

Seamlessly connect your profile with professional networks. Integrate with platforms like LinkedIn to ensure your MyPortfolio updates are automatically shared. Or showcase your coding projects seamlessly with code repository integration.

Create a roadmap for your projects to keep your audience up to date with the work that you've already done, the one you're doing and the one you will do. Keep them posted throughout the process and collect feedback even before starting to work.

Open the door to collaboration with project-specific collaboration requests. If others are impressed by your work, they can express interest in collaborating directly through MyPortfolio. Facilitate connections and foster teamwork on new and exciting projects.

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Con MyPortfolio, trasforma la tua esperienza e competenza in storie coinvolgenti. Racconta la tua professionalità in modo unico e conquista nuove opportunità.

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